The Climate Initiative at the Centre for Policy Research is pleased to launch a blog in the run up to the 2015 climate negotiations this December. Our goal is to inform public debate as India, along with other countries, prepares for an effective and equitable global climate agreement.

The blog will provide analysis in order to increase clarity and understanding of key aspects of climate policy issues in India and overseas in the build up to Paris. We will also highlight and analyze new developments.

Blog Posts

  1. Understanding India’s Emissions Intensity Pledge
  2. What does India’s INDC imply for the future of Indian Electricity?
  3. Towards Paris: Negotiating challenges for India
  4. What do India’s climate contribution goals mean, and are they implementable? (Published in The Economic Times Blog, 23rd October 2015)
  5. Articulating & Operationalizing Differentiation in the 2015 Climate Agreement:  A Roadmap for India in Paris
  6. Climate Litigation in India: gaining traction?

Who we are

The Climate Initiative produces research, informs public opinion and generates debate on climate policy at international, national and sub-national levels. One line of research focuses on the linkages between development and climate policy. Another examines legal issues in the global climate negotiations. Our goal is to enhance policy outcomes through informed research and policy dialogue on climate change within India and internationally.

In 2014, the Climate Initiative at the Centre for Policy Research was ranked highest in India, highest among developing country think tanks, and 14th globally by the International Centre for Climate Governance (ICCG) in its standardised global climate think tank rankings.